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vikingowl 995cea4b0d removed husky and git-cz 8 months ago
vikingowl 440d2782a1 upgrade to yarn 2 8 months ago
youxingzhi 7b677a6589 1.5.0 2 years ago
youxingzhi a21f4b8adf chore: 🤖 rm npx 2 years ago
youxingzhi 5b2fea32ad feat: 🎸 #84, add default title props 2 years ago
ayou 347a927e90
Merge pull request #93 from TheFoot/feature/node-expand-collapse 2 years ago
Barry Jones 0f04f7edba Feature: Added toggle() method to the node passed to handler. 2 years ago
youxingzhi 5500a36492 1.4.6 2 years ago
ayou 66bc19baaa
Merge pull request #78 from zoispag/feat/74_slot_for_display_name 2 years ago
Zois Pagoulatos 97daf67f9a
Add slot for display node/leaf name (#74) 2 years ago
youxingzhi d1e12aad85 1.4.5 3 years ago
youxingzhi d5dd9b88c9 fix: 🐛 #72 3 years ago
youxingzhi ccb1067713 1.4.4 3 years ago
ayou d5705f92e8
Merge pull request #68 from laashub/master 3 years ago
tristan-tsl ae494ce25f update: after blur emit the event for changeName 3 years ago
tristan-tsl c59015fdf7 update: after blur emit the event for changeName 3 years ago
ayou 5f94ebf51b
Merge pull request #65 from ParadeTo/feature-code-format 3 years ago
youxingzhi 53320cc235 chore: 🤖 change lint-staged conf 3 years ago
youxingzhi d73b4c1829 chore: 🤖 add code format tool 3 years ago
ayou 15f33d187d
Merge pull request #64 from ParadeTo/fix-#62 3 years ago
youxingzhi a67e39ce31 fix: 🐛 #62 3 years ago
youxingzhi 69ffc1da0f 1.4.3 3 years ago
ayou 31c9225441
Merge pull request #56 from ParadeTo/bugfix/style-including 3 years ago
ayou 64c56af961
Merge pull request #57 from ParadeTo/feature/plugin-export 3 years ago
Binbin Sun a792ee3910 chore: 🤖 move core-js & vue to devDependencies 3 years ago
Binbin Sun aa3359155f docs: ✏️ install doc 3 years ago
Binbin Sun c1270b880b feat: 🎸 export default with the install method 3 years ago
Binbin Sun d8a5da1e0e feat: 🎸 extracted css file 3 years ago
youxingzhi 780d42c6ea 1.4.2 3 years ago
ayou 9c2d25e313
Merge pull request #54 from ParadeTo/feature-#47 3 years ago
youxingzhi fbd370e9e5 feat: 🎸 #47 3 years ago
ayou 332402dee6
Merge pull request #53 from weiqian93/master 3 years ago
qian.wei 61ae848898 feat: 🎸 support different icon for opened node 3 years ago
ayou 82e87e493a
Merge pull request #51 from ParadeTo/feature-add-tests 3 years ago
ayou 2427f47201
Merge pull request #52 from ParadeTo/add-license-1 3 years ago
ayou fab494cedf
Create LICENSE 3 years ago
youxingzhi 4e37591f10 test: 💍 update snapshot 3 years ago
youxingzhi 8b23327cee ci: 🎡 change test:unit to test:coverage 3 years ago
youxingzhi ad6ad1b255 1.4.1 3 years ago
youxingzhi 2fe4da8605 docs: ✏️ add action badge 3 years ago
youxingzhi d545e6bdbb Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into feature-add-tests 3 years ago
youxingzhi d4f911b7b5 test: 💍 add some tests 3 years ago
ayou 9ded7fe914
Merge pull request #50 from ParadeTo/feature/github-actions 3 years ago
Binbin Sun b07e14b9ff chore: 🤖 update test.yml 3 years ago
Binbin Sun fa2b7cb9dd
Create test.yml 3 years ago
youxingzhi 57be520b99 1.4.1 3 years ago
ayou 7b70e8dbf2
Merge pull request #49 from beyoursun/master 3 years ago
Binbin Sun b9402076ec chore: 🤖 change lock registry to official npm 3 years ago
Binbin Sun 669e84fdc5 chore: 🤖 add snapshot testing 3 years ago
Binbin Sun 146b61e70d chore: 🤖 add unit test 3 years ago