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The Zod Engine by Nighsoft

Please visit

To connect to the main public server simply run zod_engine_nighsoft_red.bat
If you would like to test it offline run zod_engine_local_test.bat

In order to do things like change teams, or your name, or turn sounds off
you must edit the respective bat file by right clicking it and going to edit.

these are the options you can change... For more help visit the website
and post questions on the forums.

Welcome to the Zod Engine
Command list...
-c ip_address - game host address
-m filename - map to be used
-l filename - map list to be used
-n player_name - your player name
-t team - your team
-b # - amount of bots to connect
-p # - amount of total real players before game start (not used yet)
-w - run game in windowed mode
-r resolution - resolution to run the game at
-d - run a dedicated server
-h - display command help
-s - no sound
-k - use faster and blander cursor
-v - display version and credits

Example usage...
zod_engine.exe -c localhost -r 800x600 -w
zod_engine.exe -m -b 1 -p 1