All my maintained aur packages; maintained in subdirs with aurpublish
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Giovanni Harting 2dcdeaec75 upgpkg: zwavejs2mqtt 5.6.0-1 3 days ago
antidot upgpkg: antidot 0.6.2-1 1 month ago
coreapps-meta upgpkg: coreapps-meta 1-1 1 year ago
eggdrop upgpkg: eggdrop 1.9.1-1 2 weeks ago
perl-net-ftpssl Add 'perl-net-ftpssl/' from commit 'c9e7c28c9030de5ac671e92cd7f3558f8971e133' 2 years ago
pyfan upgpkg: pyfan 1.6-1 5 months ago
python-awesomeversion upgpkg: python-awesomeversion 21.2.3-2 6 months ago
python-derpconf Initial upload: python-derpconf 0.8.3-1 6 months ago
python-libthumbor Initial upload: python-libthumbor 2.0.1-1 6 months ago
python-simple-pid upgpkg: python-simple-pid 1.0.1-1 5 months ago
thumbor upgpkg: thumbor 7.0.0a5-4 6 months ago
victoriametrics upgpkg: victoriametrics 1.64.0-1 1 month ago
zwavejs2mqtt upgpkg: zwavejs2mqtt 5.6.0-1 3 days ago