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v2.6.5 (2021-01-09)

  • Other:
    • Fix: Some IP addresses not being masked in the logs.
    • New: Auto-updater for Windows exe installer.
    • Change: Allow Snap package to access the user home directory.
    • Change: Migrate Snap user data to a persistent location that is retained if Tautulli is reinstalled.

v2.6.4 (2020-12-20)

  • Other:
    • Fix: Restore Snap data folder from previous installs.

v2.6.3 (2020-12-19)

  • Announcements:
    • This is the last Tautulli version to support Python 2. Python 3 will be required to continue receiving updates. You can check your Python version on the settings page.
  • Exporter:
    • Fix: Accessible and exists attributes were blank for media info export level 9.
  • UI:
    • Fix: Guest usernames were not masked on mouse hover.
  • Other:
    • Fix: macOS menu bar icon for light and dark mode.
    • New: Tautulli can officially be installed on Linux using a Snap package. See the installation wiki for details.

v2.6.2 (2020-12-05)

  • Notifications:
    • Change: Send a notification of a user new device for the first time only. This can be toggled off in the settings.
  • Exporter:
    • Fix: Allow exporting child fields only without requiring the parent fields as well.
    • Fix: Exporting individual collection would fail.
    • Change: Remove accessible and exists fields from the default media info export levels. This prevents the Plex server from reading the media files unnecessarily.
  • Other:
    • Fix: Enable high resolution for the macOS system tray icon and menu.
    • New: Added rate limiting for failed login attempts.
    • Change: Use a white logo for the macOS system tray icon.
  • API:
    • New: Added machine_id to the get_history API response.

v2.6.1 (2020-11-03)

  • Other:
    • Fix: High CPU/memory usage in some instances.
    • Fix: Logger error preventing Tautulli from starting.
    • Fix: Database issue with non-unique image hashes.

v2.6.0 (2020-10-31)

  • Exporter:
    • New: New exporter feature that allows you to export the metadata and images for any library, collection, playlist, or media item to csv, json, xml, or m3u8. Refer to the Exporter Guide in the wiki for more details.
  • UI:
    • Fix: Margin on the homepage activity and statistic/library cards. (Thanks @dotsam)
    • Fix: Movie ratings not showing on the info page for the new Plex Movie agent.
    • New: Added ability to browse collections and playlists from the library and user pages.
    • Change: Updated platform brand logos and colours.
  • API:
    • New: Added export_metadata, download_export, and delete_export API commands.
    • New: Added get_collections_table, and get_playlists_table API commands.
    • New: Added min_version parameter to the register_device API command.
    • New: Added include_activity parameter to the get_history API command.
    • New: Added sync_id parameter to the get_metadata API command.
    • New: Added delete_synced_item API command.
    • New: Added a stat_id and stats_start parameters to the get_home_stats API command.
    • New: Allow deleting a mobile device using the registration device_id for the delete_mobile_device API command.
    • Change: Return Plex server info and Tautulli info from the register_device command.
  • Other:
    • New: The Docker container is now also built for the arm32v6 architecture.
    • New: The Docker container is also published to the GitHub Container Registry at
    • Change: Tautulli is now using a forked version of plexapi 3.6.0. This is to support the exporter feature while still maintaining Python 2 compatibility.
    • Change: Updated systemd script to remove process forking. (Thanks @MichaIng)
    • Change: Cache GitHub update check on startup.

v2.5.6 (2020-10-02)

  • Activity:
    • Change: Renamed container "Transcode" to "Converting" on activity cards.
  • Notifications:
    • New: Added a silent notification option for Telegram. (Thanks @JohnnyKing94)
    • New: Added container_decision notification parameter.
    • New: Added notification trigger for Playback Error.
    • New: Added remote access down notification threshold setting.
  • Newsletter:
    • Change: Stop flooring newsletter start date.
  • UI:
    • Fix: Unable to purge history from the library edit modal.
    • Fix: QR code not showing up for localhost address when trying to register a device.
    • New: Added library name to the fix metadata modal.
  • API:
    • New: Added default thumb and art to the Live TV library.
  • Other:
    • Fix: Synced items not loading for guest access.
    • New: Schedule some more automatic database optimizations.
    • Change: Added automatic uninstall before installing to the Windows installer.

v2.5.5 (2020-09-06)

  • Activity:
    • Fix: Filter out TV show background theme music sessions.
  • Notifications:
    • New: Check Plex external guids for notification metadata provider links.
  • UI:
    • Fix: Incorrect sorting for user/library recently played items.
  • API:
    • Fix: get_synced_items API command returning error with empty result.
    • Fix: Download API commands not returning the file.
    • Fix: get_logs API command encoding error.
    • Fix: get_user_player_stats API command returning error instead of empty result.
    • New: Added get_server_info API command.
    • New: Added external guids to get_metadata API command.
    • New: Added support for multi-column sorting for datatable API commands.
    • Change: get_activity API command return thumbnail override for clips.
    • Change: get_libraries_table API command return custom library artwork.
  • Other:
    • Fix: Tautulli failed to run with a stale pid file.
    • New: Added scheduled task to optimize the Tautulli database.
    • Change: Update plexapi to 3.6.0.
    • Change: Update some libraries for Python 3 compatibility.

v2.5.4 (2020-07-31)

  • Monitoring:
  • Notifications:
    • Fix: Uploading images to Cloudinary failed for titles with non-ASCII characters on Python 2.
    • New: Added plex_id notification parameter.
    • Remove: Running .exe files directly using script notifications is no longer supported.
    • Remove: php, perl, and ruby prefix overrides for script notifications is no longer supported.
    • Change: Stricter checking of file extensions for script notifications.
    • Change: Fallback to The Movie Database lookup using title and year.
    • Change: Fallback to TVmaze lookup using title.
  • UI:
    • New: Added ability to import a previous Tautullli configuration file in the settings.
    • New: Added a browse button for settings which require a folder or file input.
    • New: Added first streamed column to user IP addresses table. (Thanks @dotsam)
    • New: Added The Movie Database rating image to media page.
    • Change: Different icon to represent direct stream in the history tables.
  • API:
    • New: Updated API docs for importing a database and configuration file.

v2.5.3 (2020-07-10)

  • History:
    • Fix: Unable to delete more than 1000 history entries at the same time.
  • Notifications:
    • Change: Python script notifications to run using the same Python interpreter as Tautulli.
  • Newsletters:
    • Fix: Unable to view newsletters with special characters.
  • Other:
    • Fix: Tautulli failing to start after enabling HTTPS when installed using the Windows / macOS installers.
    • Fix: Startup script not working on macOS.
    • Fix: Unable to hide dock icon on macOS with the pkg install. Refer to the FAQ regarding the Python rocket dock icon.
    • Change: Added path to Python interpreter in system startup (daemon) scripts.
    • Change: Added Python version to Google analytics.

v2.5.2 (2020-07-01)

  • Announcements:
    • Tautulli now supports Python 3!
    • Python 2 is still supported for the time being, but it is recommended to upgrade to Python 3.
  • Notifications:
    • Fix: Error uploading images to Cloudinary on Python 2.
    • Fix: Testing browser notifications alert not disappearing.
    • Change: Default recently added notification delay set to 300 seconds.
  • UI:
    • Fix: MacOS menu bar icon causing Tautulli to fail to start.
    • Fix: Unable to login to Tautulli on Python 2.
    • New: Windows and MacOS setting to enable Tautulli to start automatically when you login.
    • New: Added menu bar icon for MacOS.
    • New: Ability to import a Tautulli database in the settings.
    • New: Added Tautulli news area on the settings page.
    • New: Added platform icon for LG devices.
    • Remove: Ability to login to Tautulli using a Plex username and password has been removed. Login using a account is only supported via OAuth.
  • Mobile App:
    • Fix: Improved API security and validation when registering the Android app.
  • Docker:
    • Fix: Docker container not respecting the PUID and PGID environment variables.
  • Other:
    • Fix: Error creating self-signed certificates on Python 3.
    • Fix: Tautulli login session cookie not set on the HTTP root path.
    • New: Windows and MacOS app installers to install Tautulli without needing Python installed.

v2.2.4 (2020-05-16)

  • Monitoring:
    • Fix: Show "None" as the subtitle source on the activity card for user selected subtitles.
  • UI:
    • Fix: Deleted libraries were showing up on the homepage library cards.
    • Fix: Libraries could get stuck as inactive in the database in some instances.
  • API:
    • Fix: Incorrect title was being returned for the get_history API command.
  • Other:
    • Fix: Plex remote access check was not being rescheduled after changing the settings.

v2.2.3 (2020-05-01)

  • Notifications:
    • Fix: Notification grouping by season/album and show/artist not enabled by default.
    • Fix: The rating key notification parameter was being overwritten when 3rd party lookup was enabled.
    • Fix: Missing artist value for Musicbrainz lookup in certain situations.
    • New: Added notification trigger for Tautulli database corruption.
    • New: Added TAUTULLI_PYTHON_VERSION to script notification environment variables.
    • New: Added Plex Android / iOS App notification agent.
    • New: Added bandwidth notification parameters.
    • New: Added user thumb to notification parameters.
    • New: Added initial stream notification parameter and threshold setting to determine if a stream is the first stream of a continuous streaming session.
    • New: Added Plex remote access notification parameters.
    • Change: The file size notification parameter is now reported in SI units. (Thanks @aaronldunlap)
  • UI:
    • Fix: Delete lookup info from the media info page failing.
    • Fix: XBMC platform icon not being redirected to the Kodi platform icon.
    • Fix: History table was not being refreshed after deleting entries.
    • New: Added icon on the users table to indicate if the user is not on the Plex server.
    • New: Added icon on the libraries table to indicate if the library is not on the Plex server.
    • Change: Improved deleting libraries so libraries with the same section ID are not also deleted.
  • Mobile App:
    • Fix: Temporary device token was not being invalidated after cancelling device registration.
  • API:
    • Fix: Returning XML from the API failing due to unicode characters.
    • Fix: Grouping parameter for various API commands not falling back to default setting.
    • New: Added time_queries parameter to get_library_watch_time_stats and get_user_watch_time_stats API command. (Thanks @KaasKop97)
    • New: Added an "is_active" return value to the get_user, get_users, get_library, and get_libraries API commands which indicates if the user or library is on the Plex server.
    • New: Added delete_history API command.
    • Change: Added optional parameter for row_ids for delete_library, delete_user, delete_all_library_history, and delete_all_user_history API commands.
  • Other:
    • Fix: Update failing on CentOS due to an older git version.
    • Fix: Manifest file for creating a web app had incorrect info.
    • Fix: Auto-updater was not scheduled when enabling the setting unless Tautulli was restarted.
    • New: Docker images updated to support ARM platforms.
    • Change: Remove the unnecessary optional Plex logs volume from the Docker image.
    • Change: Use for GeoIP lookup instead of requiring the MaxMind GeoLite2 database.

v2.2.1 (2020-03-28)

  • Notifications:
    • Fix: File size notification parameter incorrectly truncated to an integer.
    • Fix: Notification grouping by season/album not enabled by default.
    • New: Added transcode decision counts to notification parameters.
    • Change: Tags (<>) are no longer stripped from from Webhook notification text.
  • Newsletter:
    • New: Added favicon to newsletter template when viewing as a web page.
  • UI:
    • Fix: Username missing from the Synced Items table.
    • Fix: Windows system tray icon not enabled by default.
    • Fix: Saving a mobile device with a blank friendly name caused an error.
    • New: Added IMDb and Rotten Tomato Ratings to info pages.
    • New: Added button in settings to delete all 3rd party metadata lookup info in the database.
    • New: Added button in settings to flush recently added items in the database.
  • API:
    • New: Added delete_recenly_added API command to flush recently added items.
    • Change: Updated delete_lookup_info API command parameters to allow deleteing all 3rd party metadata lookup info.

v2.2.0 (2020-03-08)

  • Important Note!
    • All Live TV changes requires Plex Media Server 1.18.7 or higher.
  • Monitoring:
    • Fix: Improved IPv6 display on the activity cards. (Thanks @felixbuenemann)
    • New: Added Live TV metadata and posters to the activity cards.
    • Change: Show bandwidth in Gbps when greater than 1000 Mbps.
  • History:
    • New: Added history logging for Live TV sessions.
    • New: Added a fake "Live TV" library to collect Live TV history.
      • Note: This library will show up the first time that Live TV is played.
    • New: Added the ability to filter history by Live TV.
  • Graphs:
    • New: Added Live TV series to the "Plays by Period" and "Play Totals" graphs.
    • Change: Media type series on the graphs are only shown if the corresponding library type is present.
  • Notifications:
    • Fix: Race condition causing stream count to be incorrect for playback stop notifications.
    • New: Added Live TV channel notification parameters.
    • New: Added Plex background art notification parameter.
      • Note: This is the Plex API endpoint to retrieve the background art, not the actual image.
    • New: Added poster images for clip notifications.
    • Change: Default Webhook notification method to POST.
  • UI:
    • Fix: Windows platform showing up twice on the Most Active Platforms statistics card.
    • New: Added option to change the background art for library sections when editing a library.
    • New: Added button to reset Tautulli git installation in settings to fix failed git updates.
  • API:
    • New: Added ability to filter history using a "live" media type and by guid for the get_history API command.
    • New: Added cutsom_art parameter to the edit_library API command.
  • Other:
    • Change: Add crossorigin use-credentials attribute to manifest tags. (Thanks @pkoenig10)
    • Change: Disable automatic updates for Docker containers. Updates are now handled by updating the Docker container.
      • Note: If you are using an old Docker container created before v2.2.0, then you may need to completely remove and recreate the container to update for the first time.
      • Note: Use the ":latest" Docker tag for the newest stable release, or the ":beta" or ":nightly" tags to access the beta or nightly branches.

v2.1.44 (2020-02-05)

  • Monitoring:
    • Fix: SDR source video being identified as HDR stream video.
  • Notifications:
    • Fix: Unable to select condition operator for video color parameters.
  • UI:
    • Fix: Capitalization for platforms on history tables.

v2.1.43 (2020-02-03)

  • Monitoring:
    • New: Added HDR indicator on activity card.
    • New: Added dynamic range to history steam info modal.
  • Notifications:
    • Fix: Webhook notification body sent as incorrect data type when Content-Type header is overridden.
    • Fix: Telegram notification character limit incorrect for unicode characters.
    • New: Added color and dynamic range notification parameters.
  • Newsletters:
    • Fix: Episodes and Albums plural spelling on recently added newsletter section headers.
  • UI:
    • Fix: Windows and macOS platform capitalization.
    • Fix: Season number 0 not shown for episodes on history tables.
  • Other:
    • Change: Mask email addresses in logs.
    • Change: Update deprecated GitHub access token URL parameter to Authorization header.

v2.1.42 (2020-01-04)

  • Other:
    • Fix: SSL certificate error when installing GeoLite2 database.
    • Change: Verify MaxMind license key and GeoLite2 database path before installing.
    • Change: Disable GeoLite2 database uninstall button when it is not installed.

v2.1.41 (2019-12-30)

  • Other:
    • Fix: Failing to extract the GeoLite2 database on Windows.

v2.1.40 (2019-12-30)

  • UI:
    • Change: Moved 3rd Party API settings to new tab in the settings.
  • Graphs:
    • Change: Improve calculating month ranges for Play Totals graphs.
  • Other:
    • Fix: Failing to verify a Plex Media Server using a hostname.
    • Change: A license key is now required to install the MaxMind GeoLite2 database for IP geolocation. Please follow the guide in the wiki to reinstall the GeoLite2 database.
    • Change: The GeoLite2 database will now automatically update periodically if installed.

v2.1.39 (2019-12-08)

  • UI:
    • New: Added creating admin username and password to setup wizard.
  • API:
    • Change: Remove default notification subject and body for notify API command.
  • Other:
    • Change: Check for database corruption when making backup.

v2.1.38 (2019-11-17)

  • Notifications:
    • New: Added custom JSON headers to the webhook notification agent.
  • UI:
    • Fix: Homepage recently watched card not showing grouped history.
  • Other:
    • New: Added GitHub sponsor donation option.
    • Change: Improve resolving hostnames.

v2.1.37 (2019-10-11)

  • Notifications:
    • Fix: URLs linking to artist page instead of the album page.
    • New: Added option for MusicBrainz lookup for music notifications. Option must be enabled under 3rd Party APIs in the settings.
    • New: Added MusicBrainz ID and MusicBrainz URL notification parameters.
    • Change: Automatically truncate Discord description summary to 2048 characters.

v2.1.36-beta (2019-10-05)

  • Monitoring:
    • Fix: Activity card title not updating after pre-rolls or auto-play.
  • History:
    • Fix: Display correct interlaced or progressive video scan type on stream data modal.
  • Graphs:
    • New: Separate interlaced and progressive video scan type on source and stream resolution graphs.
  • API:
    • New: Added parent_guid and grandparent_guid to get_activity and get_metadata commands.

v2.1.35-beta (2019-09-24)

  • Monitoring:
    • Fix: Audio shown as blank on activity cards when changing audio tracks during direct play.
    • Fix: Display correct interlaced or progressive video scan type on activity cards.
    • New: Added flag for Nvidia hardware decoding on activity cards.
  • Notifications:
    • Fix: Notification parameter prefix and suffix were not substituted correctly.
    • Fix: Release Date notification parameter was incorrectly casted to an integer instead of a string.
    • New: Added video scan type and full resolution notification parameters.
  • UI:
    • Fix: Movies with the same title but different year being grouped on the homepage stats cards.
  • API:
    • New: Added video scan type and full resolution values to get_activity command.
  • Other:
    • Fix: Tautulli logging out every time after saving settings and restarting.

v2.1.34 (2019-09-03)

  • History:
    • New: Added Product column to history tables.
  • Notifications:
    • Fix: IMDB/TMDb/TVDB/TVmaze ID notification parameters showing blank values after lookup.
  • UI:
    • Fix: Libraries and Users tables did not respect the group history setting.
  • API:
    • Fix: Title field was not searchable in get_library_media_info command.
    • New: Added grouping option to get_libraries_table and get_users_table commands.
    • New: Added product value to get_history command.
  • Other:
    • Fix: Could not verify Plex Media Server with unpublished hostnames.
    • Change: Automatically logout all Tautulli instances when changing the admin password.

v2.1.33 (2019-07-27)

  • Notifications:
    • Change: Mask notification agent password fields.
    • Change: Enable searching by email address in dropdown menu.
  • Other:
    • Fix: Version number being overwritten with "None" which prevented updating in some instances.
    • Change: Update Plex OAuth request headers.

v2.1.32 (2019-06-26)

  • Newsletters:
    • Fix: Newsletter scheduler issue for QNAP devices using an invalid "local" timezone preventing Tautulli from starting.

v2.1.31 (2019-06-24)

  • No additional changes from v2.1.31-beta.

v2.1.31-beta (2019-06-13)

  • Monitoring:
    • Fix: Synced content showing incorrect stream info.
  • Other:
    • Fix: Unable to view database status when authentication is enabled.
    • Change: Default database synchronous mode changed to prevent database corruption. Database response may be slower.

v2.1.30-beta (2019-05-11)

  • Monitoring:
    • Fix: Activity crashing with Plex's Artist TV feature.
    • New: Added setting for Plex Media Server Update Check Interval. (Thanks @abiacco)
  • Notifications:
    • New: Added secure and relayed connection notification parameters.
    • New: Added PLEX_USER_TOKEN to script environment variables.
    • Change: Schedule notifications using UTC to prevent missing notifications due to misconfigured timezones.
  • API:
    • New: Added status API command to check the status of Tautulli.

v2.1.29 (2019-05-11)

  • No additional changes from v2.1.29-beta.

v2.1.29-beta (2019-04-14)

  • Monitoring:
    • Change: "Required Bandwidth" changed to "Reserved Bandwidth" in order to match the Plex dashboard.
  • Notifications:
    • New: Added prefix and suffix notification text modifiers. See the "Notification Text Modifiers" help modal for details.
  • UI:
    • New: Added "Undelete" button to the edit library and edit user modals.
    • Fix: User IP address history table showing incorrect "Last Seen" values.
  • API:
    • Fix: Search API only returning 3 results.
    • Fix: Terminate stream API failing when both session_key and session_id were provided.
    • Change: Improved API response HTTP status codes and error messages.

v2.1.28 (2019-03-10)

  • Monitoring:
    • New: Added secure/insecure connection icon on the activity cards. Requires Plex Media Server v1.15+.
  • Other:
    • Change: Improved mass deleting of all images from Cloudinary. Requires all previous images on Cloudinary to be manually tagged with "tautulli". New uploads are automatically tagged.

v2.1.27-beta (2019-03-03)

  • Monitoring:
    • Fix: Error when playing synced optimized versions.
    • Change: Show message to complete the setup wizard instead of error communicating with server message.
    • Change: URL changed on for Plex Media Server beta updates.
  • Notifications:
    • New: Show the media type exclusion tags in the text preview modal.
    • Fix: Unicode error in the Email notification failed response message.
    • Fix: Error when a notification agent response is missing the "Content-Type" header.
  • UI:
    • Fix: Usernames were not being sanitized in dropdown selectors.
    • Change: Different display of "All" recently added items on the homepage due to change in the Plex Media Server v1.15+ API.
  • API:
    • New: Added current Tautulli version to update_check API response.
    • Change: API no longer returns sanitized HTML response data.
  • Other:
    • New: Added auto-restart to systemd init script.
    • Fix: Patreon donation URL.
    • Remove: Crypto donation options.

v2.1.26 (2018-12-01)

  • Monitoring:
    • Fix: Resume event not being triggered after buffering.
  • Notifications:
    • New: Added user email as a notification parameter.
  • Graphs:
    • Fix: History model showing no results for stream info graph.
  • API:
    • Fix: API returning error when missing a cmd.

v2.1.25 (2018-11-03)

  • Monitoring:
    • Fix: Audio and video codec showing up as * on the activity cards.
    • New: Poster and background image on the activity cards for live TV.
  • UI:
    • Fix: Alert message for invalid Tautulli Public Domain setting.

v2.1.24-beta (2018-10-29)

  • Monitoring:
    • Fix: Transcode change events creating invalid sessions in the database.
  • Notifications:
    • Change: Update Telegram character limit to 1024.
  • History:
    • Fix: Save history table states separately for multiple Tautulli instances.
  • Graphs:
    • Fix: Save graphs states separately for multiple Tautulli instances.
    • Change: Version graphs to bypass browser cache.
  • UI:
    • New: Added queued tasks modals to the scheduled tasks table for debugging.
  • Other:
    • Change: Updated timezone info and display in configuration table.

v2.1.23-beta (2018-10-14)

  • Monitoring:
    • Fix: Buffer events not being triggered properly.
    • Fix: Watched progress sometimes not saved correctly. (Thanks @Sheigutn)
  • Notifications:
    • New: Added notification trigger for transcode decision change.
    • Fix: Multiple buffer notifications being triggered within the same second.
    • Change: Default buffer notification threshold changed to 10 for buffer thresholds less than 10.
  • Newsletter:
    • New: Added Other Video libraries to the newsletter.
  • Homepage:
    • New: Added Other Video type to recently added on the homepage.
    • Change: Save homepage recently added media type toggle state.
    • Change: Save homepage stats config to local storage instead of the server.
  • History:
    • Change: Save history table media type toggle state.
  • Graphs:
    • Change: Save series visibility state when toggling the legend.
    • Change: Save graph config to local storage instead of the server.
  • UI:
    • New: Show the remote app device token and id in the edit device modal.
    • Change: Lock certain settings if using the Tautulli docker container.
  • API:
    • Fix: download_config, download_database, download_log, and download_plex_log API commands not working.
    • Change: get_recently_added command 'type' parameter renamed to 'media_type'. Backwards compatibility is maintained.
    • Change: get_home_stats command 'stats_type' parameter change to string 'plays' or 'duration'. Backwards compatibility is maintained.

v2.1.22 (2018-10-05)

  • Notifications:
    • Fix: Notification agent settings not loading when failed to retrieve some data.
  • UI:
    • Fix: Incorrectly showing localhost server in the setup wizard.
  • Other:
    • Fix: Incorrect redirect to HTTP when HTTPS proxy header is present.
    • Fix: Websocket not connecting automatically after the setup wizard.

v2.1.21 (2018-09-21)

  • Notifications:
    • Fix: Content Rating notification condition always evaluating to True. (Thanks @Arcanemagus)
    • Fix: Script arguments not showing substituted values in the notification logs.
  • UI:
    • New: Unsupported browser warning when using IE or Edge.
    • Fix: Misaligned refresh image icon in album search results. (Thanks @Sheigutn)
    • Fix: Music history showing as pre-Tautulli in stream info modal.
  • Other:
    • Fix: Typo in Systemd init script group value. (Thanks @ldumont)
    • Fix: Execute permissions in Fedora/CentOS and Systemd init scripts. (Thanks @wilmardo)
    • Fix: Systemd init script instructions per Linux distro. (Thanks @samwiseg00)
    • Change: Fallback to Tautulli data directory if logs/backup/cache/newsletter directories are not writable.
    • Change: Check for alternative reverse proxy headers if X-Forwarded-Host is missing.

v2.1.20 (2018-09-05)

  • No additional changes from v2.1.20-beta.

v2.1.20-beta (2018-09-02)

  • Monitoring:
    • Fix: Fetch messing season info when "Hide Seasons" is enabled for a show.
    • Fix: Video and Audio details sometimes missing on activity cards.
  • Notifications:
    • New: Added UTC timestamp to notification parameters. (Thanks @samwiseg00)
    • New: Added TAUTULLI_PUBLIC_URL to script environment variables. (Thanks @samwiseg00)
  • UI:
    • Change: Automatically redirect '/' to HTTP root if enabled.
  • API:
    • New: Added return_hash parameter to pms_image_proxy command.
    • New: Added session_id parameter to get_activity command.
  • Other:
    • Change: Linux systemd startup script to use the "tautulli" group permission. (Thanks @samwiseg00)

v2.1.19-beta (2018-08-19)

  • Notifications:
    • New: Added Webhook notification agent.
    • Fix: Scripts failing due to unicode characters in substituted script arguments.
    • Change: Ability to override PYTHONPATH for scripts.
    • Remove: Notify My Android notification agent.
  • Newsletters:
    • New: Added option for threaded newsletter emails.
    • Fix: Missing space in newsletter format.
  • UI:
    • New: Added Windows system tray icon.
    • Fix: Plex OAuth not working with Plex remote access disabled. (Thanks @samwiseg00)
  • API:
    • Fix: SQL command creating a database backup every time. (Thanks @samwiseg00)

v2.1.18 (2018-07-27)

  • Monitoring:
    • Fix: Progress bar on activity cards showing incorrect 100% when starting a stream.
  • Notifications:
    • Fix: Notification text boxes scrolling to top when inputting text.
    • Change: Skip formatting invalid notification parameters instead of returning default text.
  • UI:
    • Fix: Padding around search bar causing the navigation bar to break on smaller screens.

v2.1.17-beta (2018-07-22)

  • Notifications:
    • Change: Use default selected stream for media info in notifications.
  • UI:
    • New: Automatically discover localhost Plex servers in server selection dropdown.
    • Change: Save Datatables state indefinitely.

v2.1.16-beta (2018-07-06)

  • Monitoring:
    • Fix: Plex server not detected as down during sudden network loss.
  • Notifications:
    • Fix: Incorrect rounding of percentages in some cases.
    • Fix: Incorrect stream duration value for playback start notifications.
    • New: Added critic rating parameter for Rotten Tomatoes ratings.
  • Newsletters:
    • Fix: Typo in "seasons" when there is only one additional season.
  • UI:
    • New: Added ability to use Plex OAuth to login to Tautulli.
  • API:
    • Fix: Unicode characters causing get_logs command to return bad data.
    • New: Added rating_image and audience_rating_image to get_activity and get_metadata commands.

v2.1.15-beta (2018-07-01)

  • Monitoring:
    • Fix: Progress percent displaying NaN for live TV.
    • Fix: Unable to terminate sessions with unicode characters in the message.
    • Change: Tizen platform to display the Samsung icon.
  • Notifications:
    • New: Added PYTHONPATH to script environment variables so scripts can automatically import from Tautulli libraries.
    • Fix: Proper handling of unicode script arguments.
    • Fix: Incorrect TAUTULLI_URL environment variable if the HTTP host setting is changed.
    • Fix: Email addresses selectize box not expanding.
  • Newsletters:
    • Change: HTTPS URLS for images hosted on
  • Graphs:
    • Fix: SD resolution sometimes not grouped together.

v2.1.14 (2018-06-21)

  • Notifications:
    • Fix: Parsing script arguments in quotes.
  • UI:
    • Fix: Slow loading due to Font Awesome 5 javascript.
    • Change: Play counts on user an library pages now respect the history grouping setting.
  • API:
    • New: Added optional grouping parameter to user and library watch statistics.

v2.1.13 (2018-06-16)

  • Monitoring:
    • Fix: Soft crash when viewing photos not in an album.
  • Notifications:
    • New: Added current date and time notification parameters.
  • UI:
    • New: Added support page with embedded Discord chat using WidgetBot.

v2.1.12 (2018-06-08)

  • Notifications:
    • Change: Blank notification link source means disabled instead of default.
  • Newsletters:
    • New: Make collection tags available in the raw newsletter data for custom templates.
  • API:
    • New: Ability to terminate a stream using the session key.

v2.1.11-beta (2018-06-02)

  • Monitoring:
    • Fix: Activity progress bar not updating in some cases.
    • Fix: Monitory Remote Access setting disabled due to Plex Media Server API changes.
    • Change: Improved logic for grouping history items without being successive plays.
  • Notifications:
    • New: Added filename to notification parameters.
  • Other:
    • Fix: Update metadata failing for tracks without track numbers.

v2.1.10-beta (2018-05-28)

  • Monitoring:
    • Fix: Improved monitoring of live tv sessions.
    • Change: Use track artist instead of album artist.
  • Notifications:
    • New: Added timestamp to Discord notification embeds. (Thanks @samwiseg00)
    • New: Enable notifications for "clip" media types.
    • Fix: Actually add the "live" notification parameter.
    • Change: Update Twitter for 280 characters.
    • Change: Use HTTPS url for Cloudinary images.
  • Newsletters:
    • Fix: Artist summaries not showing up on newsletter cards.
    • Change: Do not send the newsletter if the template fails to render.

v2.1.9 (2018-05-21)

  • Notifications:
    • New: Added "live" to notification parameters.

v2.1.8-beta (2018-05-19)

  • Newsletters:
    • New: Added authentication options for self-hosted newsletters.
    • Change: Check if the Tautulli footer has been removed in custom newsletter templates.
  • Notifications:
    • Fix: Cloudinary images not working for Twitter notifications.
  • API:
    • Fix: Return proper HTTP status codes for errors.

v2.1.7-beta (2018-05-13)

  • Newsletters:
    • New: Option to toggle between inline or internal CSS style templates.
    • New: Button to delete all uploaded images from Imgur/Cloudinary.
    • Fix: Long titles overflowing the newsletter cards.
    • Change: Self-hosted images on newsletters to use the /image endpoint instead of proxying through /newsletter/image.
    • Change: Strip whitespace from newsletter for smaller file size before sending to email.
  • API:
    • New: Added get_stream_data command to API.
    • New: Added newsletter API commands to documentation.

v2.1.6-beta (2018-05-09)

  • Newsletters:
    • Change: Setting to specify static URL ID name instead of using the newsletter ID number.
    • Change: Reorganize newsletter config options.

v2.1.5-beta (2018-05-07)

  • Newsletters:
    • New: Added setting for a custom newsletter template folder.
    • New: Added option to enable static newsletter URLs to retrieve the last sent scheduled newsletter.
    • New: Added ability to change the newsletter output directory and filenames.
    • New: Added option to save the newsletter file without sending it to a notification agent.
    • Fix: Check for disabled image hosting setting.
    • Fix: Cache newsletter images when refreshing the page.
    • Fix: Refresh image from the Plex server when uploading to image hosting.
    • Change: Allow all image hosting options with self-hosted newsletters.
  • UI:
    • Change: Don't retrieve recently added on the homepage if the Plex Cloud server is sleeping.
  • Other:
    • Fix: Imgur database upgrade migration.

v2.1.4 (2018-05-05)

  • Newsletters:
    • Fix: Newsletter URL without an HTTP root.

v2.1.3-beta (2018-05-04)

  • Newsletters:
    • Fix: HTTP root doubled in newsletter URL.
    • Fix: Configuration would not open with failed hostname resolution.
    • Fix: Schedule one day off when using weekday names in cron.
    • Fix: Images not refreshing when changed in Plex.
    • Fix: Cloudinary upload with non-ASCII image titles.
  • Other:
    • Fix: Potential XSS vulnerability in search.

v2.1.2-beta (2018-05-01)

  • Newsletters:
    • New: Added Cloudinary option for image hosting.
  • Notifications:
    • New: Added Message-ID to Email header (Thanks @Dam64)
    • Fix: Posters not showing up on Twitter with self-hosted images.
    • Fix: Incorrect action parameter for new device notifications.
    • Change: Hardcode Pushover sound list instead of fetching the list every time.
  • API:
    • Fix: Success result for empty response data.
    • Change: Do not send notification when checking for Tautulli updates via the API.

v2.1.1-beta (2018-04-11)

  • Monitoring:
    • Fix: Live TV transcoding showing incorrectly as direct play.
  • Newsletters:
    • New: Added week number as parameter. (Thanks @samip5)
    • Fix: Fallback to cover art on the newsletter cards.
    • Change: Option to set newsletter time frame by calendar days or hours.
  • Notifications:
    • New: Added week number as parameter. (Thanks @samip5)
  • Other:
    • New: Added plexapi library for custom scripts.

v2.1.0-beta (2018-04-07)

  • Newsletters:
    • New: A completely new scheduled newsletter system.
      • Beautiful HTML formatted newsletter for recently added movies, TV shows, or music.
      • Send newsletters on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule to your users.
      • Customize the number of days of recently added content and the libraries to include on the newsletter.
      • Add a custom message to be included on the newsletter.
      • Option to either send an HTML formatted email, or a link to a self-hosted newsletter on your own domain to any notification agent.
  • Notifications:
    • New: Ability to use self-hosted images on your own domain instead of using Imgur.

v2.0.28 (2018-04-02)

  • Monitoring:
    • Fix: Homepage activity header text.

v2.0.27 (2018-04-02)

  • Monitoring:
    • Change: Move activity refresh interval setting to the settings page.

v2.0.26-beta (2018-03-30)

  • Monitoring:
    • New: Setting to change the refresh interval on the homepage.
    • Fix: Identify extras correctly on the activity cards.
  • Notifications:
    • Change: Send Telegram image and text separately if the caption is longer than 200 characters.
  • UI:
    • Fix: Error when clicking on synced playlist links.

v2.0.25 (2018-03-22)

  • Monitoring:
    • Fix: Websocket not reconnecting causing activity monitoring and notifications to not work.
    • Fix: Error checking for synced streams without Plex Pass.

v2.0.24 (2018-03-18)

  • Monitoring:
    • Fix: Fix stream data not showing for history recorded before v2.
  • Notifications:
    • Fix: Set all environment variables for scripts.
    • Change: Moved all notification agent instructions to the wiki.
    • Change: XBMC notification agent renamed to Kodi.
    • Change: OSX Notify notification agent renamed to macOS Notification Center.

v2.0.23-beta (2018-03-16)

  • Monitoring:
    • Fix: Certain transcode stream showing incorrectly as direct play in history. Fix is not retroactive.
  • Notifications:
    • New: Added season/episode/album/track count to notification parameters.
    • New: Added "Value 3" setting for IFTTT notifications.
    • New: Set PLEX_URL, PLEX_TOKEN, TAUTULLI_URL, and TAUTULLI_APIKEY environment variables for scripts.
    • Fix: Notifications failing to send with invalid custom conditions json.
    • Fix: Email notifications failing with unicode username/passwords.
    • Change: Facebook Graph API version updated to v2.12.
  • UI:
    • New: Show the Plex Server URL in the settings.
    • Fix: Incorrect info displayed in the Tautulli login logs.
  • API:
    • Fix: API returning empty data if a message was in the original data.
    • Change: get_server_id command returns json instead of string.
  • Other:
    • Fix: Forgot git pull when changing branches in the web UI.

v2.0.22 (2018-03-10)

  • Tautulli v2 release!

v2.0.22-beta (2018-03-09)

  • Notifications:
    • Fix: Pushover notifications failing with priority 2 is set.
    • Fix: Expanding selectize box for some notification agent settings.
  • Other:
    • Fix: Update check failing when an update is available.
    • Fix: Item count incorrect for photo libraries.

v2.0.21-beta (2018-03-04)

  • Monitoring:
    • New: Identify if a stream is using Plex Relay.
    • Change: Don't ping the Plex server if the websocket is disconnected.
  • Notifications:
    • Fix: Pause/resume state not being sent correctly in some instances.
  • Other:
    • New: Add Patreon donation method.
    • Fix: Catch failure to send analytics.
    • Fix: IP address connection lookup error when the country is missing.
    • Change: Updated all init scripts to Tautulli.
    • Change: Move database to tautulli.db.
    • Change: Move logs to tautulli.log.
    • Change: Move startup file to

v2.0.20-beta (2018-02-24)

  • Notifications:
    • New: Add poster support for Pushover notifications.
    • New: Add poster support for Pushbullet notifications.
    • Fix: Incorrect Plex/Tautulli update notification parameter types.
    • Change: Poster and text sent as a single message for Telegram.
    • Change: Posters uploaded directly to Telegram without Imgur.
  • UI:
    • New: Add "Delete" button to synced items table on user pages.
    • Fix: Button spacing/positioning on mobile site.
    • Fix: Music statistic cards not using the fallback thumbnail.
    • Fix: Logo not showing up when using an SVG.
    • Change: Graphs now respect the "Group History" setting.
  • API:
    • New: Add grouping to graph API commands.
  • Other:
    • New: Added Google Analytics to collect installation metrics.
    • Fix: Reconnecting to the Plex server when server settings are not changed.

v2.0.19-beta (2018-02-16)

  • Monitoring:
    • Fix: Connect to Plex Cloud server without keeping it awake.
    • Fix: Reconnect to Plex Cloud server after the server wakes up from sleeping.
  • Notifications:
    • Fix: Don't send Plex Server Up/Down notifications when Tautulli starts up.
    • Change: Better handling of Watched notifications.
  • UI:
    • New: Added Plex server selection dropdown in the settings.
    • Fix: Libraries and Users tables not refreshing properly.
    • Change: Updated the masked info shown to guests.
    • Change: Check for updates without refreshing to the homepage.
  • API:
    • New: Added update_check to the API.
    • Fix: delete_media_info_cache not deleting the cache.
    • Change: Document "refresh" parameter for get_library_media_info.
  • Other:
    • Fix: Show the full changelog since v2 on a fresh install.

v2.0.18-beta (2018-02-12)

  • Notifications:
    • Fix: Default text for Tautulli update notifications using the wrong parameter.
    • Fix: Playback pause and resume notifications only triggering once.
    • Change: Negative operators for custom conditions now use "and" instead of "or".
  • UI:
    • New: Added button to delete the 3rd party lookup info from the info pages.
    • Fix: Missing host info in the login logs when logging in using Firefox.
    • Change: Cleaned up settings. Advanced settings are now hidden behind a toggle.
  • API:
    • New: Updated API documentation for v2.
  • Other:
    • Fix: DeprecationWarning when using HTTPS with self-signed certificates.
    • Change: Deleting the Imgur poster URL also deletes the poster from Imgur (only available for new uploads).
    • Change: GitHub repository moved to Tautulli/Tautulli. Old GitHub URLs will still work.

v2.0.17-beta (2018-02-03)

  • Notifications:
    • Fix: Unable to use @ mentions tags for Discord and Slack.
    • New: Added Zapier notification agent.
  • API:
    • Fix: get_synced_items returning no results.
    • Fix: get_library_media_info returning incorrect media type for photo albums.
    • Fix: get_library_media_info not being able to sort by title.

v2.0.16-beta (2018-01-30)

  • Monitoring:
    • Fix: Timestamp sometimes showing as "0:60" on the activity cards.
    • Fix: Incorrect session information being shown for playback of synced content.
    • Fix: Sessions not being stopped when "Playback Stopped" notifications were enabled.
  • UI:
    • Fix: Stream resolution showing up as "unknown" on the graphs.
    • New: Added user filter to the Synced Items table.
  • Other:
    • New: Option to use the Plex server update channel when checking for updates.

v2.0.15-beta (2018-01-27)

  • Monitoring:
    • Fix: Live TV sessions not being stopped in History.
    • Fix: Stream location showing as "unknown" on the activity cards.
    • New: Improved Live TV details on the activity cards.
  • Notifications:
    • New: Added labels and collections to notification parameters.
    • New: Added more server details to notification parameters.
    • Change: Renamed "PlexPy" update notification parameters to "Tautulli".

v2.0.14-beta (2018-01-20)

  • Monitoring:
    • Change: Added "Cellular" bandwidth to "WAN" in activity header.
  • Notifications:
    • Fix: Plex Web URL for tracks now go to the album page.
    • Fix: Recently added notifications being sent for the entire library when DVR EPG data was refreshed.
    • Fix: Notifier settings not loading with an apostrophe in the custom condition values.
    • Fix: Custom email addresses not being saved when closing the notifier settings.
    • Change: Re-enabled Browser notifications.
    • Change: Renamed "PlexPy" update notification parameters to "Tautulli".
    • Change: Emails no longer automatically insert HTML line breaks.
    • Change: "Date" header added to email notifications.
  • UI:
    • Change: Show all changelogs since the previous version when updating.

v2.0.13-beta (2018-01-13)

  • Notifications:
    • New: Added dropdown selection for email addresses of shared users.
    • New: Added more notification options for Join.
    • Change: Show "OR" between custom condition values.
  • Other:
    • New: Use JSON Web Tokens for authentication. Login now works with SSO applications.
    • New: Allow the Plex server admin to login as a Tautulli admin using their account.

v2.0.12-beta (2018-01-07)

  • Notifications:
    • Fix: Incorrect Plex URL parameter value.
    • Change: Custom condition logic is now optional. An implicit "and" is applied between all conditions if the logic is blank.
  • UI:
    • New: Added separate required LAN/WAN bandwidth in the activity header.
  • API:
    • Fix: Notify API command not sending notifications.

v2.0.11-beta (2018-01-05)

  • Notifications:
    • Fix: Some notification parameters showing up blank.
  • UI:
    • Fix: Stream data showing up as "None" for pre-v2 history.
  • Other:
    • Fix: Ability to login using the hashed password.

v2.0.10-beta (2018-01-04)

  • Monitoring:
    • Fix: HW transcoding indicator on activity cards incorrect after refreshing.
  • Notifications:
    • Remove: Notification toggles from library and user settings. Use custom conditions to filter out notifications instead.
  • UI:
    • Fix: Incorrect examples for some date format options. Also added a few missing date format options. (Thanks @Tommatheussen)

v2.0.9-beta (2018-01-03)

  • Notifications:
    • Fix: Notifications failing due to incorrect season/episode number types.

v2.0.8-beta (2018-01-03)

  • Monitoring:
    • Fix: Incorrect HW transcoding indicator on activity cards.
    • Fix: Long product/player names hidden behind platform icon on activity cards.
  • Notifications:
    • Fix: Notifications failing due to some missing notification parameters.

v2.0.7-beta (2018-01-01)

  • Monitoring:
    • Fix: Incorrect LAN/WAN location on activity cards.
    • Fix: Paused time not recording correctly.
  • Other:
    • Fix: Failed to retrieve synced items when there are special characters in the title.

v2.0.6-beta (2017-12-31)

  • Monitoring:
    • New: Beta Plex Cloud support.
    • Fix: Update paused time while still paused.
  • UI:
    • Fix: Stopped time showing as "n/a" on history table.

v2.0.5-beta (2017-12-31)

  • Monitoring:
    • Fix: IPv6 addresses overflowing on the activity cards.
  • Notifications:
    • Fix: Error sending Join notifications.
  • UI:
    • New: Added total required bandwidth in the activity header.
  • Other:
    • Fix: Failing to retrieve releases from GitHub.
    • Fix: CherryPy SSL connection warning. (Thanks @felixbuenemann)
    • Fix: Sanitize script output in logs.
    • Change: Login sessions persists across server restarts.

v2.0.4-beta (2017-12-29)

  • Monitoring:
    • Fix: Current activity cards duplicating on the homepage.
  • Notifications:
    • Fix: Concurrent stream notifications being sent when there is an incorrect number of streams.
  • UI:
    • New: Info pages for collections.
    • New: Button to test Plex Web URL override.
    • Fix: Library and User pages return to the correct tab when pressing back.

v2.0.3-beta (2017-12-25)

  • Monitoring:
    • Fix: Missing sync ID error causing logging to crash.
    • Fix: Incorrect optimized version title column name causing logging to crash.
  • Notifications:
    • Fix: Report correct beta version for Tautulli update notifications.
  • UI:
    • Fix: Missing CSS for stream info modal.

v2.0.2-beta (2017-12-24)

  • Monitoring:
    • Fix: Websocket connection fails to start with existing streams when upgrading to v2.
    • Fix: Long request URI for refreshing current activity on the homepage.
    • Fix: Missing subtitle database columns.
    • Fix: Details for synced and optimized versions reporting incorrectly.
  • Notifications:
    • Fix: Recently added notifications sending for previously added items. It is now limited to past 24 hours only.
    • Fix: Source video/audio/subtitle parameters showing up as blank.
    • Change: Validate condition logic when saving a notification agent.
  • API:
    • Change: API is enabled by default on new installs.
  • UI:
    • New: Add logo svg files. (Thanks @Fish2)
    • New: Updated stream info modal.
    • Change: Media info tables sort by sort title instead of title.
  • Other:
    • Fix: Updating library IDs message on libraries page.
    • Fix: Wtched percentage settings not saving after restart.
    • Remove: Video Preview Thumbnails setting no longer used.
    • Change: Add back HTTP Proxy setting under the Web Interface settings tab.
    • Change: "Group Table and Watch Statistics History" and "Current Activity in History Tables" enabled by default on new installs.

v2.0.1-beta (2017-12-19)

  • Monitoring:
    • Fix: Missing video_height database column.
  • Notifications:
    • Fix: Join API key.
    • Change: Temporarily disable broken browser notifications.
  • UI:
    • Fix: Incorrect fallback image for music watch statistics.

v2.0.0-beta (2017-12-18)

  • Monitoring:
    • New: More detailed stream info including subtitles, bitrates, bandwidth, and quality profiles.
    • New: Terminate sessions from the current activity (Plex Pass only).
    • Change: Monitoring uses websockets only now.
  • Notifications:
    • New: Completely new notification system.
      • Allow adding multiple of the same notification agent and/or duplicating existing notification agents.
      • Each notification agent has it's own notification triggers and notification text.
      • Notification agents are stored in the database instead of the config file. Some notification configurations may have been lost in the transfer. Sorry.
    • New: Discord notification agent.
    • New: GroupMe notification agent.
    • New: MQTT notification agent.
    • New: More customizable info cards for Discord, Facebook, Hipchat, and Slack.
    • New: Script notifications are configured individually per script with separate arguments for each notification action.
    • New: Icon and duration options for Plex Home Theater and XBMC notifications.
    • New: Notification for Tautulli updates.
    • New: Added <show>, <season>, <artist>, and <album> notification exclusion tags.
      • <tv> is renamed to <episode>, and <music> is renamed to <track>
    • New: Preview notification text in the notifier settings.
    • New: Properly group recently added notifications when adding a batch of media.
      • The {season_num}, {episode_num}, and {track_num} parameters will be substituted with the range (e.g. 06-10)
    • New: Option to group recently added notifications by show/artist or season/album.
    • New: More detailed media info (video, audio, subtitle, file, etc.) notification options available.
    • New: Added notification text modifiers to change case and slice lists.
    • New: Custom notification conditions using parameters to filter notifications.
    • New: Button to trigger manual recently added notifications from the info pages.
    • New: Lookup TVMaze and TheMovieDatabase links.
    • Remove: The shared Imgur client ID has been removed. Please enter your own client ID in the settings to continue uploading posters.
    • Change: Notifications with a blank subject or body will no longer be sent at all.
    • Change: Line breaks inserted automatically in Email notification text.
    • Change: Notifications for season/episodes now use the season poster and album/track now use the album art.
    • Change: The {action} parameter is no longer capitalized.
    • Change: Notification success or failure added to notification logs.
  • API:
    • New: Added check for Plex Media Server updates with the Tautulli API.
    • New: Added show/artist and episode/track titles to the "get_history" API command.
    • New: Added manual trigger for recently added notifications.
    • Remove: Defunct API v1.
    • Change: The "notify" API command now requires a notifier_id instead of an agent_id. The notifier ID can be found in the settings for each notification agent.
    • Change: The returned json for the "get_metadata" API command is no longer nested under the "metadata" key.
  • UI:
    • New: Updated current activity, watch statistics, and library statistics cards on the home page.
    • New: Toggle stats and recently added categories directly on the homepage.
    • New: Ability to delete synced items from the Synced Items page.
    • New: Updated platform icons to a uniform style.
    • Remove: Setting for number of top items for watch statistic cards.
    • Change: Separate API and websocket logs.
  • Android Tautulli Remote App (beta):
    • New: Download the Tautulli Remote app on Google Play!
      • Link the app using a QR code in the Tautulli settings.
    • New: Push notifications directly to the Tautulli Remote app.
  • Other:
    • New: Option to update Tautulli automatically when an update is available.
    • New: Option to switch the tracking git remote and branch.
    • New: Option to change the path to your git environment variable.
    • New: Option to use a HTTPS certificate chain.
    • New: Option to override the Plex Web URL for click-through links.
    • New: Separate watched percentage for movies, episodes, and tracks.
    • New: Show changelog after updating Tautulli.
    • New: Support for IPv6 geolocation lookup.
    • New: Download the Tautulli configuration file or database from the settings.
    • New: Log failed Tautulli login attempts.
    • Fix: Modal popups not working on mobile Safari.
    • Fix: Prevent password managers from autofilling the password in the settings.
    • Fix: Unable to search with special characters.
    • Remove: Some unused options have been removed from the settings page.
    • Change: The database schema has been changed, and reverting back to PlexPy v1 will not work.
    • Change: The dev branch has been depreciated. A master/beta/nightly system is used instead.

v1.4.25 (2017-10-02)

  • Fix: Tab instead of spaces preventing startup.

v1.4.24 (2017-10-01)

  • Fix: New Plex Web urls. (Thanks @Joshua1337)
  • Fix: Fallback to the product name if the player title is blank.
  • New: Added no forking option to startup arguments. (Thanks @Vashypooh)

v1.4.23 (2017-09-30)

  • Fix: Playstation 4 platform name.
  • Fix: PlexWatch and Plexivity import.
  • Fix: Pushbullet authorization header.

v1.4.22 (2017-08-19)

  • Fix: Cleaning up of old config backups.
  • Fix: Temporary fix for incorrect source media info.

v1.4.21 (2017-07-01)

  • New: Updated donation methods.

v1.4.20 (2017-06-24)

  • New: Added platform image for the PlexTogether player.
  • Fix: Corrected math used to calculate human duration. (Thanks @senepa)
  • Fix: Sorting of 4k in media info tables.
  • Fix: Update file sizes when refreshing media info tables.
  • Fix: Support a custom port for Mattermost (Slack) notifications.

v1.4.19 (2017-05-31)

  • Fix: Video resolution not showing up for transcoded streams on PMS 1.7.x.

v1.4.18 (2017-04-22)

  • New: Added some new Arnold quotes. (Thanks @senepa)
  • Fix: Text wrapping in datatable footers.
  • Fix: API command get_apikey. (Thanks @Hellowlol)

v1.4.17 (2017-03-04)

  • New: Configurable month range for the Plays by month graph. (Thanks @Pbaboe)
  • New: Option to chanage the week to start on Monday for the the Plays by day of week graph. (Thanks @Pbaboe)
  • Fix: Invalid iOS icon file paths. (Thanks @demonbane)
  • Fix: Plex Web 3.0 URLs on info pages and notifications.
  • Fix: Update bitcoin donation link to Coinbase.
  • Fix: Update init scripts. (Thanks @ampsonic)

v1.4.16 (2016-11-25)

  • Fix: Websocket for new json response on PMS 1.3.0.
  • Fix: Update stream and transcoder tooltip percent.
  • Fix: Typo in the edit user modal.

v1.4.15 (2016-11-11)

  • New: Add stream and transcoder progress percent to the current activity tooltip.
  • Fix: Refreshing of images in the cache when authentication is disabled.
  • Fix: authentication with special characters in the username or password.
  • Fix: Line breaks in the info page summaries.
  • Fix: Redirect to the proper http root when restarting.
  • Fix: API result type and responses showing incorrectly. (Thanks @Hellowlol)
  • Change: Use https URL for
  • Change: Show API traceback errors in the browser with debugging enabled. (Thanks @Hellowlol)
  • Change: Increase table width on mobile devices and max width set to 1750px. (Thanks @XusBadia)

v1.4.14 (2016-10-12)

  • Fix: History logging locking up if media is removed from Plex before PlexPy can save the session.
  • Fix: Unable to save API key in the settings.
  • Fix: Some typos in the settings. (Thanks @Leafar3456)
  • Change: Disable script timeout by setting timeout to 0 seconds.

v1.4.13 (2016-10-08)

  • New: Option to set the number of days to keep PlexPy backups.
  • New: Option to add a supplementary url to Pushover notifications.
  • New: Option to set a timeout duration for script notifications.
  • New: Added flush temporary sessions button to extra settings for emergency use.
  • New: Added pms_image_proxy to the API.
  • Fix: Insanely long play durations being recorded when connection to the Plex server is lost.
  • Fix: Script notification output not being sent to the logger.
  • Fix: New libraries not being added to homepage automatically.
  • Fix: Success message shown incorrectly when sending a test notification.
  • Fix: PlexPy log level filter not working.
  • Fix: Admin username not shown in login logs.
  • Fix: FeatHub link in readme document.
  • Change: Posters disabled by default for all notification agents.
  • Change: Disable manual changing of the PlexPy API key.
  • Change: Force refresh the token when fetching a new token.
  • Change: Script notifications run in a new thread with the timeout setting.
  • Change: Watched percent moved to general settings.
  • Change: Use human readable file sizes to the media info tables. (Thanks @logaritmisk)
  • Change: Update pytz library.

v1.4.12 (2016-09-18)

  • Fix: PMS update check not working for MacOSX.
  • Fix: Square covers for music stats on homepage.
  • Fix: Card width on the homepage for iPhone 6/7 Plus. (Thanks @XusBadia)
  • Fix: Check for running PID when starting PlexPy. (Thanks @spolyack)
  • Fix: FreeBSD service script not stopping PlexPy properly.
  • Fix: Some web UI cleanup.
  • Change: GitHub repostitory moved.

v1.4.11 (2016-09-02)

  • Fix: PlexWatch and Plexivity import errors.
  • Fix: Searching in history datatables.
  • Fix: Notifications not sending for Local user.

v1.4.10 (2016-08-15)

  • Fix: Missing python ipaddress module preventing PlexPy from starting.

v1.4.9 (2016-08-14)

  • New: Option to include current activity in the history tables.
  • New: ISP lookup info in the IP address modal.
  • New: Option to disable web page previews for Telegram notifications.
  • Fix: Send correct JSON header for Slack/Mattermost notifications.
  • Fix: Twitter and Facebook test notifications incorrectly showing as "failed".
  • Fix: Current activity progress bars extending past 100%.
  • Fix: Typo in the setup wizard. (Thanks @wopian)
  • Fix: Update PMS server version before checking for a new update.
  • Change: Compare distro and build when checking for server updates.
  • Change: Nicer y-axis intervals when viewing "Play Duration" graphs.

v1.4.8 (2016-07-16)

  • New: Setting to specify PlexPy backup interval.
  • Fix: User Concurrent Streams Notifications by IP Address checkbox not working.
  • Fix: Substitute {update_version} in fallback PMS update notification text.
  • Fix: Check version for automatic IP logging setting.
  • Fix: Use library refresh interval.

v1.4.7 (2016-07-14)

  • New: Use MaxMind GeoLite2 for IP address lookup.
    • Note: The GeoLite2 database must be installed from the settings page.
  • New: Check for Plex updates using downloads instead of the server API.
    • Note: Check for Plex updates has been disabled and must be re-enabled in the settings.
  • New: More notification options for Plex updates.
  • New: Notifications for concurrent streams by a single user.
  • New: Notifications for user streaming from a new device.
  • New: HipChat notification agent. (Thanks @aboron)
  • Fix: Username showing as blank when friendly name is blank.
  • Fix: Direct stream count wrong in the current activity header.
  • Fix: Current activity reporting direct stream when reducing the stream quality switches to transcoding.
  • Fix: Apostophe in an Arnold quote causing the shutdown/restart page to crash.
  • Fix: Disable refreshing posters in guest mode.
  • Fix: PlexWatch/Plexivity import unable to select the "grouped" database table.
  • Change: Updated Facebook notification instructions.
  • Change: Subject line optional for Join notifications.
  • Change: Line break between subject and body text instead of a colon for Facebook, Slack, Twitter, and Telegram.
  • Change: Allow Mattermost notifications using the Slack config.
  • Change: Better formatting for Slack poster notifications.
  • Change: Telegram only notifies once instead of twice when posters are enabled.
  • Change: Host Open Sans font locally instead of querying Google Fonts.

v1.4.6 (2016-06-11)

  • New: Added User and Library statistics to the API.
  • New: Ability to refresh individual poster images without clearing the entire cache. (Thanks @Hellowlol)
  • New: Added {added_date}, {updated_date}, and {last_viewed_date} to metadata notification options.
  • New: Log level filter for Plex logs. (Thanks @sanderploegsma)
  • New: Log level filter for PlexPy logs.
  • New: Button to download Plex logs directly from the web interface.
  • New: Advanced setting in the config file to change the number of Plex log lines retrieved.
  • Fix: FreeBSD and FreeNAS init scripts to reflect the path in the installation guide. (Thanks @nortron)
  • Fix: Monitoring crashing when failed to retrieve current activity.

v1.4.5 (2016-05-25)

  • Fix: PlexPy unable to start if failed to get shared libraries for a user.
  • Fix: Matching port number when retrieving the PMS url.
  • Fix: Extract mapped IPv4 address in Plexivity import.
  • Change: Revert back to internal url when retrieving PMS images.

v1.4.4 (2016-05-24)

  • Fix: Image queries crashing the PMS when playing clips from channels.
  • Fix: Plexivity import if IP address is missing.
  • Fix: Tooltips shown behind the datatable headers.
  • Fix: Current activity instances rendered in a random order causing them to jump around.

v1.4.3 (2016-05-22)

  • Fix: PlexPy not starting without any authentication method.

v1.4.2 (2016-05-22)

  • New: Option to use HTTP basic authentication instead of the HTML login form.
  • Fix: Unable to save settings when enabling the HTTP proxy setting.
  • Change: Match the PMS port when retrieving the PMS url.

v1.4.1 (2016-05-20)

  • New: HTTP Proxy checkbox in the settings. Enable this if using an SSL enabled reverse proxy in front of PlexPy.
  • Fix: Check for blank username/password on login.
  • Fix: Persist current activity artwork blur across refreshes when transcoding details are visible.
  • Fix: Send notifications to multiple XBMC/Plex Home Theater devices.
  • Fix: Reset PMS identifier when clicking verify server button in settings.
  • Fix: Crash when trying to group current activity session in database.
  • Fix: Check current activity returns sessions when refreshing.
  • Fix: Logs sorted out of order.
  • Fix: Resolution reported incorrectly in the stream info modal.
  • Fix: PlexPy crashing when hashing password in the config file.
  • Fix: CherryPy doubling the port number when accessing PlexPy locally with http_proxy enabled.
  • Change: Sort by most recent for ties in watch statistics.
  • Change: Refresh Join devices when changing the API key.
  • Change: Format the Join device IDs.
  • Change: Join notifications now sent with Python Requests module.
  • Change: Add paging for recently added in the API.

v1.4.0 (2016-05-15)

  • New: An HTML form login page with sessions support.
  • New: Guest access control for shared users using authentication.
    • Enable the option in the settings and toggle guest access per user from Users > Edit mode.
    • Guests can only view their own user data. Other user info is removed/masked.
    • Guests can only view media from libraries that are shared with them (content rating and label filters are respected). Other libraries are removed/masked.
    • All settings and admin controls are restricted from guests.
    • All current activity on the server is shown, but with masked user/metadata info.
  • New: Login logs table on the User and Logs pages.
  • New: Filter the history table by user.
  • New: Filter the graphs by user. (Thanks @Otger)
  • New: Option to hash the admin passowrd in the config file.
  • New: Options to enable/disable/rearrange each section on the homepage
  • New: Toggle media types for recently added items on the homepage.
  • New: Option to enter an Imgur API client ID for uploading posters.
    • Note: The shared Imgur client id will be removed in a future PlexPy update! Please enter your own client id in the settings to continue uploading posters!
  • New: HTML support for Email.
  • New: Posters and HTML support for Telegram.
  • New: Poster support for Slack.
  • New: Poster support for Twitter.
  • New: Re-added Plex Home Theater notification agent.
  • New: Browser notification agent (experimental).
  • New: Added {plex_url} as a notification option.
  • New: Added transcode decision to the activity header.
  • New: Documentation for APIv2 (see for details).
  • New: Import a Plexivity database into PlexPy.
  • New: Prettier fallback image for art/episodes.
  • New: Prettier confirm modal dialogues.
  • New: Cache images to reduce Plex API calls. This can be disabled in the under Settings > Extra Settings. (Thanks @Hellowlol)
  • New: Scheduled backups of the config file.
  • New: Button to clear the PlexPy cache/images in the settings.
  • New: Button to manually backup the PlexPy database/config in the settings.
  • New: Button to clear the PlexPy logs in the settings.
  • New: Button to download PlexPy log file on the Logs tab.
  • New: Advanced setting in config file to change the Plex API timeout value.
  • Fix: Mixed content HTTP request in settings (for reverse proxies with SSL).
  • Fix: Rename recently "watched" music to "played".
  • Change: Current activity details now persists across refreshes.
  • Change: Smoother transitions between preview thumbnails in current activity.
  • Change: Datatables now display all columns and scroll horizontally on smaller screens.
  • Change: Ability to change the base URL for reverse proxies in the web interface.
  • Change: Added a "Verify Server" button in the settings.
  • Change: Added request status code in the logs for notifer errors.
  • Change: Remove in-memory logs and read lines from log file instead. (Thanks @Hellowlol)
  • Change: Limit number of failed attempts to write sessions to history. Default is 5 attempts.
  • Change: A bunch of UI updates.
  • Change: A bunch of backend code cleanup.
  • Removed: All unused Python packages.

v1.3.16 (2016-05-01)

  • Fix: Viewing photos crashing PlexPy.
  • Fix: Persist Users > Edit mode on datatable page change.
  • Fix: PMS update notifications broken.
  • Change: Cache notifications poster with thread ID to avoid overwritting images.

v1.3.15 (2016-04-18)

  • Fix: Slack notifications failing when using and icon URL.
  • Fix: showing as an external IP address on the history tables.
  • Fix: Regression file sizes not shown in the media info table footer.
  • Fix: Retrieving proper PMS URL when multiple connections are published to
  • Fix: Some typos in the logger.
  • Fix: Some other typos in the WebUI. (Thanks @xtjoeytx)
  • Change: Optimized mobile web app icons and spash screens. (Thanks @alotufo)

v1.3.14 (2016-03-29)

  • Fix: Regression for missing notify_action for script notifications.
  • Fix: Typo for home stats cards in the settings.

v1.3.13 (2016-03-27)

  • Fix: Only mask strings longer than 5 characters in logs.

v1.3.12 (2016-03-27)

  • Fix: "Check GitHub for updates" not rescheduling when toggling setting.
  • Fix: Bug where notifications would fail if metadata is not found.
  • Fix: Bug where notifications would fail if unable to upload poster to Imgur.
  • Fix: PlexPy will now start properly for different Python environment variables.
  • New: Feature requests moved to FeatHub.
  • New: Ability to specify a GitHub API token for updates (optional).
  • New: Mask out sensitive information from the logs.
  • New: New and updated Arnold quotes. (Thanks @Vilsol & @Chrisophogus)
  • New: "First" and "Last" page buttons to datatables.
  • New: Access log file from the "Help & Info" page.
  • New: CherryPy environment options (for development). (Thanks @codedecay)
  • New: PlexPy development environment (for development only).
  • Change: Facebook posts with a posters now include a summary.
  • Change: Facebook posts now use a default poster if the poster is not found or unable to upload to Imgur.
  • Change: IFTTT events can be fromatted with the {action} name.
  • Change: Logs now use ISO date format to avoid locale encoding errors. (Thanks @alshain)
  • Remove: Non-functioning Plex notification agent.

v1.3.11 (2016-03-15)

  • Fix: Typo preventing history logging for websockets.

v1.3.10 (2016-03-12)

  • Fix: Actually allow HTML tags for Pushover.
  • Fix: PlexPy not restarting on Windows if there is a space in the folder path.
  • Fix: Reconnect websocket when changing PMS SSL setting.
  • Fix: Datatables not loading when view_offset or duration is blank.
  • Fix: Bug when checking the PMS version in the settings.
  • Fix: Auto-refreshing of log tables.
  • Fix: Logging of IPv6 addresses. (PMS version >0.9.14 only.)
  • Fix: Hide days selection from the Play Totals graph page.
  • Fix: PlexPy overwriting user's own SSL certificate/key.
  • Fix: Multiple watched notifications when using websocket.
  • Fix: Some missing python library imports.
  • Fix: Some typos in settings and PlexWatch importer.
  • New: Ability to get notified of PMS updates.
  • New: Ability to disable the link to Plex Web with Facebook notifications and use IMDB, TVDB, TMDb, or instead.
  • New: Ability to reset Imgur poster url from the info page if the poster is changed.
  • New: Tooltips on the current activity progress bars.
  • New: Side scrolling of Recently Added/Recently Played items.
  • New: Document all date/time format options.
  • New: Button to clear notification logs.
  • New: Customizable backup, cache, and log directories.
  • Change: Retry writing sessions to history if it fails, so sessions don't get lost. (Activity pinger only, not availble for websocket.)
  • Change: Save any unknown sessions to the "Local" user.
  • Change: History table modal is filtered depending on which graph series is clicked.
  • Change: Revert back to saving the state of datatables (search, sorting, entries per page, etc.).
  • Change: Newlines are not longer stripped from notification text which allows for finer control of how notifications look.
  • Change: Updated FreeNAS/FreeBSD init scripts. (Must have updated jails.) (Thanks @chiviak)

v1.3.9 (2016-02-21)

  • Fix: Recently added notification not sent to all notification agents.
  • New: Pushover HTML support. (Thanks @elseym)

v1.3.8 (2016-02-21)

  • Fix: Regression unable to clear HTTP password.
  • Fix: Remove media tags from script arguments for server notifications.
  • Fix: Encode poster titles to UTF-8 for Imgur upload.
  • Fix: Allow notifications to send without poster if Imgur upload fails.
  • New: Notification Logs table in the Logs tab.
  • New: Toggle in settings to enable posters in notifications. (Disabled by default.)
  • Change: Save Imgur poster URL to database so upload is not needed every time.
  • Change: Notify log in database to log each event as a separate entry.
  • Change: Monitor remote access is unchecked if remote access is disabled on server.

v1.3.7 (2016-02-20)

  • Fix: Verifying server with SSL enabled.
  • Fix: Regression where {stream_duration} reported as 0.
  • Fix: Video metadata flags showing up for track info.
  • Fix: Custom library icons not applied to Library Statistics.
  • Fix: Typos in the Web UI.
  • New: ETA to Current Activity overlay.
  • New: Total duration to Libraries and Users tables.
  • New: {machine_id} to notification options.
  • New: IMDB, TVDB, TMDb,, and Trackt IDs/URLs to notification options.
  • New: {poster_url} to notification options using Imgur.
  • New: Poster and link for Facebook notifications.
  • New: Log javascript errors from the Web UI.
  • New: Configuration and Scheduler info to the settings page.
  • New: Schedule background task to backup the PlexPy database.
  • New: URL anonymizer for external links.
  • New: Plex Media Scanner log file to Log viewer.
  • New: API v2 (sill very experimental). (Thanks @Hellowlol)
  • Change: Allow secure websocket connections.
  • Change: History grouping now accounts for the view offset.
  • Change: Subject line can be toggled off for Facebook, Slack, Telegram, and Twitter.
  • Change: Create self-signed SSL certificates when enabling HTTPS.
  • Change: Revert homepage "Last Played" to "Last Watched".
  • Change: Disable monitor remote access checkbox if remote access is not enabled on the PMS.
  • Change: Disable IP logging checkbox if PMS version is 0.9.14 or greater.

v1.3.6 (2016-02-03)

  • Fix: Regression where {duration} not reported in minutes.
  • Fix: Proper daemonizing in FreeBSD and FreeNAS init scripts.
  • Change: Update readme documentation.

v1.3.5 (2016-02-02)

  • Fix: Removing unique constraints from database.
  • Fix: Unable to expand media info table when missing "Added At" date.
  • Fix: Server verification for unpublished servers.
  • Fix: Updating PMS identifier for server change.
  • New: {stream_time}, {remaining_time}, and {progress_time} to notification options.
  • New: Powershell script support. (Thanks @Hellowlol)
  • New: Method to delete duplicate libraries.
  • Change: Daemonize before running start up tasks.

v1.3.4 (2016-01-29)

  • Fix: Activity checker not starting with library update (history not logging).
  • Fix: Libraries duplicated in database.
  • Fix: Buffer notifications even when disabled when using websockets.
  • Fix: Libraries and Users lists not refreshing.
  • Fix: Server verification in settings.
  • Fix: Empty libraries not added to database.
  • New: Unique identifiers to notification options.
  • Remove: Requirement of media type toggles for recently added notifications.
  • Remove: Built in Twitter key and secret.
  • Change: Unnecessary quoting of script arguments.
  • Change: Facebook notification instructions.

v1.3.3 (2016-01-26)

  • Fix: Plays by Month graph not loading.
  • Change: Disable caching for datatables.
  • Change: Improved updating library data in the database again.

v1.3.2 (2016-01-24)

  • Fix: 'datestamp' and 'timestamp' for server notifications.
  • Change: New method for updating library data in database.

v1.3.1 (2016-01-23)

  • Fix: Notifiers authorization popups for reverse proxies.
  • Fix: Empty brackets in titles on tables.
  • Fix: Star rating overlapping text.
  • Fix: Unable to startup when library refresh fails.
  • Fix: Unable to parse 'datestamp' and 'timestamp' format.
  • Change: Rename "Last Watched" to "Last Played".
  • Change: More descriptive libraries updating message.

v1.3.0 (2016-01-23)

  • New: Brand new Libraries section.
  • New: Lots of new library statistics.
  • New: Media info table for libraries.
  • New: Web app for Android and iOS. (Thanks @zobe123)
  • New: Slack notification agent. (Thanks @richipargo)
  • New: Facebook notification agent.
  • New: Custom script notification agent. (Thanks @Hellowlol)
  • New: Custom "From Name" to email notification agent.
  • New: Ability to test notifications / send custom one-off notifications.
  • New: 'datestamp' and 'timestamp' notification options.
  • New: More concurrent stream statistics.
  • New: Media info flags on the info pages.
  • New: Ability to fix broken metadata if the item has been moved in Plex.
  • New: Ability to rearrange the homepage statistics cards.
  • New: CentOS startup script (Thanks @PHoSawyer)
  • Fix: Server name blank after first run wizard.
  • Fix: Incorrect duration for grouped home stats.
  • Fix: Allow SSL when verifying server in settings.
  • Fix: Metadata for grouped recently added notifications.
  • Fix: Unable to access settings with missing changelog file.
  • Fix: Month name localization on play totals graphs.
  • Fix: Get new PMS identifier when changing servers.
  • Fix: Websocket log spam when there is no active session.
  • Fix: Logs and cache folder not created in the data directory.
  • Fix: Title links on sync table.
  • Fix: Other various minor bugs and graphical glitches.
  • Change: Prettier thumbnail popovers on tables.
  • Change: Star ratings to use css/font-awesome.
  • Change: More detailed logging info to warnings and errors.
  • Change: Better PlexPy process restart handling (Thanks @jackwilsdon)
  • Change: Massive behind the scenes code cleanup.
  • Remove: Built in Pushover API token (User's own API token is now required).

v1.2.16 (2015-12-22)

  • Fix Most Concurrent stream stat for emtpy databases
  • Change logs to 50 lines by default

v1.2.15 (2015-12-20)

  • Fix navbar covering current activity on smaller screens.
  • Fix metadata for grouped recently added notifications.
  • Fix Growl notification agent not working.
  • Change graph days selection.
  • Change watch statistics to match table history grouping.
  • Add automatic discovery of Pushbullet devices.
  • Add Most Concurrent Streams watch statistic.
  • Add precentage to current activity progress bars.
  • Add a bunch of stream details to notification options.
  • Add notification for Plex Remote Access/Plex Media Server back up.
  • Add CC/BCC and multiple recipients to email notification agent.
  • Add total watch time to history table footer.

v1.2.14 (2015-12-07)

  • Fix regression with PlexWatch db importer and buffer warnings.

v1.2.13 (2015-12-06)

  • Fix match newlines between tags in notification text.
  • Fix current activity not showing on PMS 0.9.12.

v1.2.12 (2015-12-06)

  • Fix for "too many open files" error.

v1.2.11 (2015-12-06)

  • Fix more regressions (sorry).

v1.2.10 (2015-12-06)

  • Fix broken count graphs regression.

v1.2.9 (2015-12-06)

  • Fix and improve text sanitization.

v1.2.8 (2015-12-06)

  • Fix sanitize player names
  • Fix recently added notification delay
  • Fix recently added metadata queries
  • Fix multiple lines in notification body text
  • Fix UTF-8 encoding in Prowl notifications subject line
  • Change to only log IPv4 addresses
  • Add global toggle for recently added notifcations
  • Add feature to delete users
  • Add channel support for Telegram notification agent
  • Add icon for Apple tvOS
  • Add icon for Microsoft Edge

v1.2.7 (2015-11-27)

  • Fix IP address option in notifications

v1.2.6 (2015-11-27)

  • Fixes for IP logging in PMS < 0.9.14.x.
  • Fix issue in plexWatch importer when trying to import item with no ratingKey.

v1.2.5 (2015-11-25)

  • Add video_decision and audio_decision to notification options
  • Fix IP address logging
  • Fix log spam if notifications disabled

v1.2.4 (2015-11-24)

  • Add filtering by media type in the history table
  • Add IFTTT notification agent
  • Add Telegram notification agent
  • Add notifications for recently added media
  • Add notifications for server down and remote access down
  • Add more metadata to notifications options
  • Add IP address to notification options (for PMS 0.9.14 and above)
  • Add server uptime to notification options
  • Add IP address to current activity
  • Add IPv6 address logging
  • Add PMS server name to the page title
  • Fix bug in "Last Watched" statistic
  • Fix bug in search query
  • Fix bug on user pages for usernames with single quotes
  • Fix name for new Plex Media Center
  • Fix Pushover notifications with unicode characters
  • Fix bug with showing old usernames in datatables
  • Fix bug with "Please verify your server" in settings
  • Change IP lookup provider
  • Change notifications custom body text to larger text box
  • Change movie/tv logging and notifications into individual options

v1.2.3 (2015-10-18)

  • Added "remaining time" as notification substitution.
  • Fix bug on home stats cards.
  • Fix visual bug on user page.

v1.2.2 (2015-10-12)

  • Add server discovery on first run.
  • Add column to tables for Platform.
  • Add link to top level breadcrumbs on info pages.
  • Add ability to change notification sounds for Pushover and Boxcar.
  • Show watched percentage tooltip on progress column in history tables.
  • More logging in event an http request fails.
  • Code cleanups and other fixes.
  • Fix ordering on sync table.
  • Fix bug on home stats cards.
  • Fix bug on activity pane where music details were not shown.

v1.2.1 (2015-09-29)

  • Fix for possible issue when paused_counter is null.

v1.2.0 (2015-09-29)

  • Added option to group consecutive plays in the history tables.
  • Added option for websocket monitoring (still slightly experimental and disabled by default).
  • Added global search option (searches your Plex library).
  • Added option to update any items that may have had their rating keys changed.
  • Added option to disable consecutive notifications.
  • Some visual tweaks and fixes.
  • Fix bug where monitoring wouldn't start up after first run.
  • Fix bug showing incorrect transcode decisions for music tracks on history tables.

v1.1.10 (2015-09-20)

  • Added dedicated settings section for home stats configuration with ability to show/hide selected stats and sections.
  • Added support for Twitter notifications.
  • Only show music in graphs if music logging is enabled.
  • The monitoring ignore interval now excludes paused time.
  • Fix display bug on activity panel which incorrectly reported transcoding sometimes.
  • Fix bug with Email notification TLS checkbox when it would be disabled by changing any other settings afterwards.
  • Fix issue on some Python releases where the webbrowser library isn't included.

v1.1.9 (2015-09-14)

  • Another JonnyWong release. I'm going to stop thanking you now ;)
  • Add music plays to graphs.
  • Add info pages for music items.
  • Add music to user recently watched items.
  • Add photo views to Activity pane (photos are not logged).
  • Fix token validation message on Settings page.
  • Fix some "Mystery" platform names.
  • Fix paused time be counted for graph data.
  • Other small bug fixes.

v1.1.8 (2015-09-09)

  • Add platform images for Windows devices. Thanks @JonnyWong.
  • Add click-through to PlexWeb preplay page from info page. Thanks @JonnyWong.
  • Fix broken delete option on info pages. Thanks @JonnyWong.
  • Fix tagline bug in PlexWatch db import tool.
  • Fix home stats text overflow bug. Thanks @JonnyWong.

v1.1.7 (2015-09-07)

  • Show tagline in info screens for movies. Thanks @JonnyWong.
  • Add play/pause/buffer icon to activity pane. Thanks @JonnyWong.
  • Add transcoder info in activity pane info. Thanks @JonnyWong.
  • Show transcoder progress on activity progress bar. Thanks @JonnyWong.
  • Fix bug where custom notification strings would be ignored if unicode characters were present.
  • Fix text overflow issue on home stats cards. Thanks @JonnyWong.
  • Fix regression with user friendly name change input in edit screen. Thanks @JonnyWong.

v1.1.6 (2015-09-06)

  • Home stats cards are now expandable to show multiple items. Configurable in settings. Thanks @JonnyWong.
  • Completely redesigned media info pages. Thanks @JonnyWong.
  • Redesigned activity pane to match Plex Web more closely. Thanks @JonnyWong.
  • New Library stats on home page, shows total item counts per library. Thanks @JonnyWong.
  • New last watched card in home stats. Shows last watched items. Thanks @JonnyWong.
  • Improved some layout issues on mobile devices. Thanks @JonnyWong.
  • Fixed issue where some clip/channel items are reported as episodes and causing exceptions.
  • Many styling improvements and fixes. Thanks @JonnyWong.
  • Fixed incorrect sort on home stats platform count by duration. Thanks @JonnyWong.
  • Fix issue where user refresh would continually be called as "Local" user didn't exist in database.
  • Fixed styling on graph stream modal. Thanks @JonnyWong.
  • Fixed some issues with users page editing. Thanks @JonnyWong.
  • Fix error page when clicking through to an item that no longer exists.

v1.1.5 (2015-08-27)

  • Fix git tag being one release behind.

v1.1.4 (2015-08-26)

  • User info is now editable from the users table. Thanks @JonnyWong.
  • Improved delete mode for history pages - able to multi-select now. Thanks @JonnyWong.
  • Improved image quality on tooltip images.
  • More styling improvements and fixes on user and info pages. Thanks @JonnyWong.
  • Added some user submitted systemd init scripts. Thanks @malle-pietje and @artbird309.
  • Fixed some background operations when saving settings.
  • Fix max width restricting home stats to 1600px.
  • Fix stream duration parameter for notifications when paused counter is null.

v1.1.3 (2015-08-22)

  • Show human readable version info and this cool changelog in Settings -> General.
  • Add a "delete" mode to the history tables. Toggle it to show a delete button next to each history item.
  • Two digit season and episode numbers for custom notification messages. Thanks @JonnyWong.
  • New FreeNAS init script. Thanks @JonnyWong.
  • Lots of styling improvements! Thanks @JonnyWong.
  • Graph page remembers last selected options. Thanks @JonnyWong.
  • New Popular movie homepage stats. Thanks @JonnyWong.
  • Add option for duration vs play count on home stats. (Settings -> Extra Settings). Thanks @JonnyWong.
  • Clean up media info pages. Don't show metadata that is missing. Thanks @JonnyWong.
  • Add clear button to search inputs. Thanks @JonnyWong.
  • New columns on Users list. Thanks @JonnyWong.
  • New stream duration option for custom notification messages. Thanks @JonnyWong.
  • Rad new tooltips on the history pages. Thanks @JonnyWong.
  • And a lot of small visual changes and fixes. Thanks @JonnyWong.
  • Fixed IP address modal on user history page.
  • Fixed "invalid date" showing on monthly plays graph.

v1.1.2 (2015-08-16)

  • Fix bug where user refresh would fail under certain circumstances.

v1.1.1 (2015-08-15)

  • Added Most watched movie for home stats. Thanks @jroyal.
  • Added TV show title to recently added text. Thanks @jroyal.
  • Fix bug with buffer warnings where notification would trigger continuously after first trigger.
  • Fix bug where custom avatar URL would get reset on every user refresh.

v1.1.0 (2015-08-15)

  • Add option to disable all history logging per user.
  • Add option to change user avatar URL. Thanks @jroyal.
  • Show all users on users table even if they don't yet have history.
  • Add option to change time frame of statistics on home page (Settings -> Extra Settings). Thanks @jroyal.
  • Add 7 day period for graphs. Thanks @jroyal.
  • Add pause, resume and buffer warning notification options.
  • Add fine tuning settings for buffer warning triggers.
  • Fix issue with SSL cert verification bypass when method doesn't exist (depends on Python version).
  • Fix bug on home stats which wouldn't update unless a TV show was first logged.
  • Fix alignment of bands on daily graphs which highlight weekends.
  • Fix behaviour of close button on update popup, will now stay closed for an hour after clicking close.
  • Fix some styling niggles.

v1.0.1 (2015-08-13)

  • Allow SSL certificate check override for certain systems with bad CA stores.
  • Fix typo on graphs page causing date selection to break on Safari.

v1.0 (2015-08-11)

  • First release