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Discord AppVeyor

Impostor is the first working Among Us private server, written in C#.

As Among Us is actively updated, you may want to use the latest build from the master branch if you want to play on the latest version of Among Us that supported by Impostor.

If you want to play on an older version of Among Us, you can download old releases from here, however these versions are less supported.


  • All Among Us features are implemented. It is a full replacement for the official server.
  • Plugin support.
  • Server-sided anticheat.



If you just want to play on a server hosted by someone else, you need to configure your client to connect to an Impostor server. Please go to this website to set up your client by following the instructions for your OS there.


See the docs for instructions on how to set it up.


See TROUBLESHOOTING to solve issues with the Impostor client or the server.




This software is distributed under the GNU GPLv3 License.