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  Giovanni Harting 1ff00daf4b
updated forge, tconstuct 3 years ago
  Giovanni Harting 556d79156b
fixed #157 3 years ago
  Giovanni Harting 17ae55c359
1.12.2; not well tested; book integration still broken 3 years ago
  Giovanni Harting 2e51738c45
first 1.11.1 attempt 4 years ago
  Giovanni Harting ab7c7fc2de
updated forge and mappings, removed some images not in use 4 years ago
  Giovanni Harting ccd699cd05 make compatible with 1.7 again 4 years ago
  Giovanni Harting c1b92eb7ae set java target version to java 8 4 years ago
  Giovanni Harting 826ab1cf3a [1.2] Material rework (#60) 4 years ago
  Giovanni Harting 4e8222a884 fixed some versoning stuff 5 years ago
  Giovanni Harting c170c9d21d updated deps 5 years ago
  Giovanni Harting 58eacac28c updated dependencies 5 years ago
  Giovanni Harting faa70ed224 general code cleanup 5 years ago
  Giovanni Harting bb9bc335ff first attempt ti implement a config file, does not function atm 5 years ago
  Giovanni Harting 9f0de8a250 tweaked some automated building stuff 5 years ago
  Robert Sosnitzka 374f1f1d24 Added nuggets + json files. F 5 years ago
  Giovanni Harting 6a932e6e56 fixed some envs 5 years ago
  Giovanni Harting 181fdc196e another approach to the automated building 5 years ago
  Giovanni Harting fbdb595cd7 now or never: fixed automated building 5 years ago
  Giovanni Harting e3576cc07e some other fixes /2 5 years ago
  Giovanni Harting 9a69e0c15a some other fixes 5 years ago
  Giovanni Harting 3251370335 thia time its another pain 5 years ago
  Giovanni Harting 57fe4b6070 ext is a real pain 5 years ago
  Giovanni Harting 00e5ca976f fixed some derps 2/x 5 years ago
  Giovanni Harting fa777ca6e0 fixed some derps 5 years ago
  Giovanni Harting a3f53b1593 fixed some stuff in automate builds 5 years ago
  Giovanni Harting 2ef3bc1dd4 fixed last derps with automated building 5 years ago
  Giovanni Harting 64f19a9741 added automatic jenkins build & upload 5 years ago
  Giovanni Harting 8a5eca2b00 fixed load dependency order, fixes #1 #2 5 years ago
  Robert Sosnitzka 351fe666fe set to 1.0 5 years ago
  Robert Sosnitzka 7515737cb4 Project renamed to "TAIGA: Tinkers alloying addon" 5 years ago
  Robert Sosnitzka 302ef6cccb Final adjustments, 2 additional traits, 1 trait rewritten. Liquids + textures included. German and english translation added. 5 years ago
  Giovanni Harting a41dffd0c5 upgraded to mc 1.10.2 with rec. forge 5 years ago
  Robert Sosnitzka 0506ec6dbf New Traits + Balancing. 5 years ago
  Giovanni Harting a0666590da Squashed commit of the following: 5 years ago
  Robert Sosnitzka c6d90c67f3 Resorted all alloys for level evolving issues and fixed most values. 5 years ago
  Robert Sosnitzka 52e43594ce Renamed to Zkaface Tinkers' Construct Addon 5 years ago
  Robert Sosnitzka 1058a6033b Integrated TConsturct + Mantle for modding and added several alloys 5 years ago
  Robert Sosnitzka 58cc3a72e6 Created first alloy fluid for tinkers construct smeltery 5 years ago
  Robert Sosnitzka 780bd7e8fb Removed a lot of classes of items and blocks to save space and made it more clear to see everything 5 years ago
  Giovanni Harting 48757b2968 moved version to gradle 5 years ago
  Giovanni Harting 086faefd23 general code cleanup 5 years ago
  Giovanni Harting 5ef97bbcf1 added JEI 5 years ago
  Robert Sosnitzka 8e19825446 Added furnace recipes, missing blocks, textures and on! 5 years ago
  Robert Sosnitzka 56422c06b1 Added first smelting recipes and drops from blocks... going on! 5 years ago
  Giovanni Harting ec996ab1af fixed derp in registerBlocks 5 years ago
  Giovanni Harting fabf7f7361 added chickenbones lib/core 5 years ago
  Giovanni Harting 893e90ab6c general code cleanup 5 years ago
  Robert Sosnitzka 2b0b79c014 inital commit 5 years ago