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This project needs new maintainers, see #15.


Tinkers Alloying Addon (TAIGA)

TAIGA is an addon for Tinkers Construct. It adds new minable ores, new alloys and a bunch of new tinker traits for them.


  • 16 new meltable Ores with 4 new hardness levels (5,6,7,8)
  • 16 alloys in combination with new molten ores and molten items
  • actual 27 new Traits with random, funny, positive or negative effects
  • two new types of burnable items (e.g. lignite) and a bunch of other alloy-essential items
  • additional Gold and Iron (slagged), for the use in a lot of other mods. Iron is always too rare...
  • some new additional Blocks. Most of them just with an optical use - atm


TAIGA on CurseForge



  • Tinkers Construct for 1.12.2 + associated version of mantle
  • Minecraft Forge 1.12.2

What's going on?

What does the mod add?

  • There are 16 kinds of new ores, seperated in 4 categories each: Arcane, solide, ethere and ratio metals.
  • You are just able to combine some of them as neigbours in a "circle": Arcane <> Solide <> Ethere <> Ratio <> Arcane - you gonna check JEI for Recipes!
  • The hardness of the new tool depends on their parents. Not every alloy is hard enough, to mine the next alloy-level.
  • At the moment I am up for ideas for better category-like traits!

How to start?

  • Just start how you would usually start with Tinkers Construct. Go out, farm and mine until you find cobalt for high tier tools.
  • From that point, you are able to mine harder materials and combine them to new alloys.

Hardness of each new ore in case you gonna ask...

  • Low Level: Tiberium, Bismuth
  • Cobalt (4): Prometheum, Eternite, Violium
  • Titanite (5): Titanite, Rubium, Mythril, Mindorite
  • Meteorite (6): Meteorite, Arcanite, Palladium, Karmesine
  • Vibranium (7): Vibranium, Ignitite
  • Adamantite (8): Adamantite
  • It is up to you to find out which alloy you need to get to highest tier.

Balancing, more traits, more alloys, more ores:

  • At the moment I have no idea how well balanced my mod is.
  • I hope you give me a lot of good feedback, so I can balance it better!!!
  • PLEASE send me requests for new traits, ores and alloy-ides. Especially ideas for a better system of my 4 categories!

Where to request or report issues:

  • Github, CurseForge or via mail

More? Join our community on mumble ( for questions or to have a nice chat with us!


This project is licensed under the conditions of the GNU GPL 3.0.