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Statistics for CS:GO matchmaking matches.


This is the frontend to the csgowtfd backend.

Tips on how to contribute

  • If you are implementing or fixing an issue, please comment on the issue so work is not duplicated.
  • If you want to implement a new feature, create an issue first describing the issue, so we know about it.
  • Don't commit unnecessary changes to the codebase or debugging code.
  • Write meaningful commits or squash them.
  • Please try to follow the code style of the rest of the codebase.
  • Only make pull requests to the dev branch.
  • Only implement one feature per pull request to keep it easy to understand.
  • Expect comments or questions on your pull request from the project maintainers. We try to keep the code as consistent and maintainable as possible.
  • Each pull request should come from a new branch in your fork, it should have a meaningful name.