ALHP mirrorlist
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ALHP Mirrorlist

AUR version

Mirrors for ALHP.

Issues with current mirrors

If some mirror is out of sync or not reachable anymore, please open an issue.

Setup your own Mirror


source: rsync://
expected size: around 30GB per march (e.g. x86-64-v3) you want to sync.

I highly recommend using this script from Archlinux as base for a sync service. It checks if a sync needs to be done (by comparing lastupdate before syncing). It's also worth to read comments.

You are free to mirror only some march or exclude /logs, see line 90 of said script above.

If you have set up a new mirror, open a PR here in this repo adding your mirror to mirrorlist under the appropriate region (continent is detailed enough for our current mirror density).